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Dr. Federica Ugliano, Pisa
Digging in the archives: the M.A.I. (Italian Archaeological Mission) at Heliopolis

Abstract der Referentin

Ernesto Schiaparelli, director of the Museo Egizio in Turin and leader of the M.A.I. (Missione Archeologica Italiana), supervised several archaeological excavations throughout Egypt for almost twenty years (1903-1920). Despite his extensive investigations, very few reports have been published and a great part of his records, correspondence, excavation diaries, photographs and photographic plates remained unknown to the general public and specialists.
This situation is particularly relevant for the site of Heliopolis, where he conducted four archaeological campaigns between 1903 and 1906. Here he unearthed several significant archaeological features dated to almost all periods of Egyptian history and obtained more than 1500 artefacts for his Museum.
Thanks to a complete re-examination of all the available archival material and to the collaboration with the “Heliopolis project” led by Dr. Aiman Ashmawy and Dr. Dietrich Raue, it is now possible to propose a complete overview of the Italian excavations at Heliopolis and to situate some of Ernesto Schiaparelli’s most remarkable finds – now stored in the Museo Egizio - within their original archaeological context.

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