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Dr. Hisham El Leithy, Kairo
Thebes West: The Excavation, Restoration and Site management of the tombs TT416 and TT 417 at el Khokha- Qurna

Abstract des Referenten

The tombs TT416 and TT417 are located in el Khokha- Qurna and to the west of the tomb of Djehuty TT 110. They are sharing the same forecourt of the tombs TT 110, and the unnumbered tomb. The entrance of both tombs were not accessible till 2015 while the American Research Centre in Egypt (ARCE) discovered its original entrance during its work there. The entrance of the tombs opens to the west and the north respectively. The owner of the tomb TT 416 is called Amenhotep so-called Rebiu and the owner of the tomb TT417 is called Sa-mut, both held the title the door-keeper of Amun (iry-aA n imn). The architecture of the two tombs is the T-shape famous style of the New Kingdom tombs. The tomb of Rebiu TT416 dates back to the reign of Thutmosis III and the tomb of Sa-mut TT417 dates back to the reign of the king Amenhotep II probably. No one of the earlier archeologists mentioned the two tombs, neither Norman Weigall the first who entered to TT110 in 1909 nor Norman de Garis Davies, who partially published its texts and wall scenes in 1932. The excavation and cleaning of the tombs were done between September 2020- March 2021. The restoration works were done by the local restorers from Qurna. The two tombs are now ready for opening for the public after they had been cleaned and restored. The site management is applied to the site in order to receive the visitors, only the final touches are needed to complete the work such as the wooden floor and hand rail to protect the scenes.


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