Mittwoch, 4.11.2015, 18:15 Uhr
Nadelberg 10, CH-4051 Basel: Theologisches Seminar, Grosser Seminarraum im EG (Tram 3, Bus 30 und 34: Haltestelle Universität)

Prof. Dr. Jana Mynářová , Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University in Prague
How did the Egyptians learn cuneiform?

Abstract der Referentin

The use of cuneiform in the region of the Levant and the neighbouring areas during the Late Bronze Age represents a complex issue. In recent years several key-studies have been published attempting to analyze the problems pertaining to the acquisition and adoption of cuneiform writing in these peripheral areas. It is the aim of this presentation to present some suggestions concerning the role and acquisition of cuneiform writing in Egypt, largely based on the study of the palaeography of the Amarna texts of Egyptian origin, in particular texts of an epistolary and school character.
As far as the identity of the scribes of the Amarna letters is concerned the subject can be, at the very most, described as questionable, insecure or dubious. By dint of great effort of various scholars we are more or less familiar with the curriculum the scribes followed and, by means of educational documents, we are not totally ignorant of the system of their education. Therefore a special attention will be given to scribes living at Amarna (ancient Akhetaten), set into a broader context of the Egyptian scribal traditions.


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